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[09 Oct 2014|03:30pm]

Hi There,
I am 32 years and haven't been on LJ for a while now. My journal is mostly for myself and bonds. We mostly talk about personal and spiritual experiences. I love animals, books, movies and t.V shows. I enjoy working with healing crystals, and tarot/oracle decks as well. I would love to find a partner one day, who shares a deep bond with soulbonding as well. My hobbies include reading, writing, drawing, sketching, and recently loom knitting. I enjoy going to book stores and coffee houses in my spare time. I love to talk about movies and what I am reading. I love making friends but also being open minded is a must.
Thanks in advance!
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[25 Feb 2014|04:03am]

I am: 31, an undergrad student, no kids, no live-in partner, no grown-up job. Also, queer, genderfree & trans, polyamorous, fat & proud, honest, open, a nudist, a social justice activist, a tree-hugger (literally & figuratively), an eclectic pagan Quaker, and an art catalyst.

Please add me if your journal centers around:
creation, growth, and learning.
emotional explorations of your experiences.

Please don't add me if:
you do not care about oppression.
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Back to LJ [15 Feb 2014|11:58am]

I will try to make this quick so I don't bore you :p I am going to do both the LJ and DW thing and see how it works. I left LJ a few years ago and I am curious to see how it is now. My journal will not be filled with excitement but more with everyday things and my ventings about life... or whatever is on my mind at the time. I am not online everyday but do try to keep up with posting and commenting. If you are someone who does not interact with people on your friends list, then I prefer you do not add me. I do enjoy getting to know the people on my list.

I love animals, work full-time, go to graduate school full-time, love to watch cooking shows, and indulge in some shows such as Real Housewives. I am not into the internet drama but I do have my own opinions about things and sometimes express those so if you are easily offended you may not want to add me. I like different types of people from various backgrounds and lifestyles.
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new [28 Feb 2013|05:35pm]

Hi! My name is Melissa and I am 29. I live in St. Louis and am new to lj. I'm looking for some friends for support. In my journal, I will probably have some "adult content". Here are some things I will probably talk about.

My bipolar disorder and anxiety
My meds
My psychiatrist/therapist appts
My family
My dating or lack of situations
My work/school

Add me, my life is crazy but I think you will be entertained!
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Seeking Companions [13 Feb 2013|10:17pm]

Looking for some new friends to talk to and get to know. I have a full and always growing bio about myself on my profile page. I am very open, honest, and blunt about who I am and things in general. Not every one likes that. Add with discretion.


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[30 Dec 2012|09:08pm]

jennah, 24 years old, single mother to a 5 year old, divorced & in a relationship, president and founder to a drowning local nonprofit on hiatus in central florida. my journal contains adult content... if you're put off by sexual entries or pictures, do not add me.

i've become to bored with most of the people on my friends list, and i desperately need some new material. my life can get unbelievably unpredictable and fucked up (i.e. recently had my mother arrested for slashing my face, divorced after less than a year of marriage -- nov 5th 2010 to aug 23rd 2011 -- but 9 years together, starting a nonprofit out of thin air...) and i seem to be on constant brink of a nervous fucking breakdown but i'm here still so either i must be doing something right or i have just the right amount of booze and coffee to get me through this sometimes-horrifying thing i call my life.

please NOBODY under 21, no druggies or alkies, religious people or crunchy mamas. and by crunchy mamas, you know exactly what the fuck i'm talking about. thse natural parenting, attachment granola nut freaks. yeah, i get that not all of you crunchy mamas are assholes but 99% of them are and i'm sick of running into them. on the same hand, shitty parents period need not apply. and if you do nothing but bitch about your life and do nothing about it. holy annoying! can i also rule out stupid people? note: no idiots.

COMMENT ON MY FRIENDLY ONLY POST (they're screened so any shit talking will likely be ignored so don't bother) AND ADD ME FIRST, OR I WILL NOT ADD YOU.

**note: i might sound like an asshole but i'm just so over boring LJ assholes and after about 13 years on LJ, i'm over it.

[09 Dec 2012|08:21am]

Some of my friends don't write as much anymore, so looking for new journal friends to read and respond too. My name is Kristina but you can call me Kris or Sissy. I am thirty years old and so you know, I do still live with my parents. I don't think there's anything wrong with it though. I love animals and we have quite a few furry friends and things of that nature. I like horror movies, musicals, reading, drawing and painting. I'm pretty much a home body. I do have health problems and talk about them from time to time. I can be eccentric at times and very emotional but for the most part though, I'm a pretty good person and easy to get a long with. I love talking to people and getting to know them too. I care a lot about my friends and enjoy having my on-line friends a lot too. Please make sure to check me out and add me. Thanks.
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[22 Jul 2012|07:44pm]

Name: Jennah
Age: 23
Occ: President and Founder of a NONPROFIT Organization for helping struggling families
Kids: 1 boy, Roman, 4 years old
Marital: Recently divorced and seeing someone new

visualCollapse )

Recently, my best friend of 9 years and husband of 4 split for some chick and a life free of responsibility and left my life is total ruins. He is no longer in my kid or my life, and while my kid is still devastated, it's what's best for everybody, especially my son. After not being able to get a job for almost a year after my ex left, and not being able to get into school, I decided to help others who were in my situation or like it, struggling period. So now my job is President of an up and coming nonprofit doing just that.

I'm just now learning how to date and recently got my heart broken pretty badly after a short but intense relationship with a schoolteacher, and I'm now beginning to see someone new, which is pretty scary after my track record, hahaha. I've gone from being a teenaged heartbreaker to a socially inept and emotionally scarred single mom, which is making not only dating a nightmare but getting my nonprofit off the ground difficult.

When people look at me, they usually think, hardass or metal or punk rock but I'm a bubbly giddy giggly mess, and I'm fasciated by the dumbest things. I'm an absolute nerd, from a long line of nerds, from books to math to finance.

wow, i'm bad at this. ok, basically i can be a hot ass mess because i'm still learning how to fly. i'm 23 year old single mom of a 4 year old who just built a nonprofit to help struggling families because i hate seeing children suffer, and basically i have alot on my plate but livejournal sometimes keeps my sane. i've had an LJ since like 2002 (but like 10 names) and i could never live without livejournal. i get depressed and i get stupid, i'm a 23 yr old single mom ffs and every day i'm learning. i'm not a bitch but sometimes i come off as it, because some people can't handle someone who refuses to sugarcoat the bullshit. if you're being stupid, i will call you out and i expect the same.

if you don't want someone's 2 cents, DON'T ADD ME! if i comment, it's because i have something to say, not "aww that sucks that your boyfriend cheated on you", i will say "get a fucking grip and leave him!". i'm a realist, people and if you can't handle it, i will tell you right now, do not add me. i'm a rare breed. also, if you have something nasty to say, expect something nasty right back.

if you do add me, please update and comment regularly. i'm not looking to beef up my friends list numbers, i'm looking to expand my friends, read more journals and have more read mine.
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Seeking New Friends [15 Jun 2012|03:16pm]

Notes: I must state to only add me if you are really looking for friends and want friends. I have had issues with this before. People tend to just like me and say I am really nice but then that I am not their friend and this is often knowing a person for several years. I just don't want to go through that again. Nothing personal. It's just too emotional to go through.

About Me

I am 30 years old. I am very talkative and enjoy reading friends journals and writing comments. I can be eccentric at times and I am aware of that. I try to cool things down though when I can. My hobbies include reading, writing, drawing/painting, music , and movies. I also really love to collect things and scrap booking. I mostly fallow in the artsy department. I am admiringly obese and I am trying to work through such things like that. I mostly talk about health and family in my journal. I also Pagan but I don't shove it down people's throughout though. Just letting you be aware of it.

Music: Linkin Park, Sarah Brightman, Breaking Benjamin, Adele, Nox Arcana, 20 Seconds to Mars, Tori Amos, Christina Aguilera, Frank Sinatra, Katy Perry, Elisabeth the Musical, the Phantom of the Opera, Emilie Autumn, Amy Lee, Fall Out Boy.

Books/Arthurs: V.C Andrews, Susan Kay's Phantom, Anne Rice, H.P Lovecraft, Isaac Asimov, Tanith Lee, Stephen King.

Movies: the Beyond, the Conspirator, Classic Horror Films, Dawn of the Dead ( 2006 ) , Lemora, Labyrinth, the Dark Crystal, Legend, Pan's Labyrinth, Musical Movies.

T.V Shows: the Twilight Zone, Dark Shadows, Fear Factor, Murder She, Wrote.

Games: StarDoll.

Final: I do like a lot of other things but thought this would be a good start.
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hi there [23 May 2012|11:50pm]

hi there my name is Bishan i'm from sri lanka. Who both love
and hate where he from.
#black berry.,yahoo,opera mini user.
limp bizkit, linkin park, green day (all
kind of music) listener.Denim and t shirt
wearer. Late night Sleeper. lady
gaga,J.B hatred. occasionally Smoker,
drinker.String hoppers, hoppers, kottu
eater. UNP follower. lakbima, e-online
#Here's some stuff about me
*youngest child
*i think too much (mostly at night)
*i'm 59kg. And
*i'm geek, nerd, silly, funny,
weird,independent, friendly, strange,
unique, bipolar.
*Night owl (NISACHARA)
#here are some of the things that i like
and enjoy.
*big bang theory
*two and half men
*you tube
*meeting new people
*T shirts
*sticking Magazine head lines, sub titles,
(hip-hop-rock) icon,UFC pics, on wall
and cupboard.
*Light Blue
*don't tell my mother nat geo
If you want to know anything else just
ask and feel free to add with/with out
asking. I dont mind lurkers either.
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[17 Apr 2012|10:22am]

name: jennah
age: 23
kids: roman, 4 years old
status: recently out of a long relationship with my kid's dad who's out of the picture now and in a new one
work: SAHM, waiting for october to start a BA
location: brandon, FL (15 minutes south of tampa)

there are a few major things going on in my life, like my two most recent ex boyfriends not wanting to let me go, getting bariatric surgery this year (lapband), my struggle with PCOS, infertility, independence, my new relationship and still getting over the pain over my last relationship. my life was turned entirely upside down last august when i found out my fiance of 4 years and best friend of 9 was cheating on me and subsequently left me for her. i've been a SAHM for the last 4 years so i had to move back in with mom & dad and have to go to college to support my kid. i don't see a penny from him, or get any phone calls even, so i'm entirely on my own (for now). so basically shit is rough and my life can be a serious whirlwind, especially with this new relationship which is wonderful but very busy.

note: i DO NOT add new or recently made journls BY ANY MEANS, under 21, or just irresponsible stupid people. please no sluts or generally morally corrupt people. please no crunchy mamas (you know who you are) or people into swinging or polyamory and shit like that. i'm not closed-minded, i'm just not interested in reading about something i'm highly against (i have my own personal reasons, and we all have shit we are against so don't be a dick about it).
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[26 Mar 2012|11:50am]

basics: jennah. 23 years old. mom to 4 year old roman. recently split from his dad, and in a new relationship. stay at home mom, waiting to start college in october.

a little more in depth: sean and i split in august after he cheated and left me for the girl, and he came crawling back while i was dating a new kid that didn't last long. now both of them have been tugging at my ankles, while i'm trying to move on. i'm starting college for interior design in october, and i've been a stay at home mom since my kid was born. i'm not your typical suburban mom.. i was abused and neglected emotionally growing up and i have an incredibly hard time making friends irl and forming attachments, making parenting and relationships very difficult. no, i'm not a bitch but i'm just a very straight up, no bs kind of person.

i've been struggling with PCOS for the last decade and getting bariatric surgery next month, and hopefully get pregnant in the not too distant future. basically, this year is going to be life changing.

visualCollapse )

PS. DONT EDIT THIS ENTRY AS YOUR OWN!! (i've found someone cut my entry up and added russian news to it!) don't be a fucking creep!
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add me and read about the plane crash [20 Mar 2012|03:39am]

Оriginal fr ruriktochkase в NATO PLANE CRASH /погiб Hercules C130J

READ MORECollapse )
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[07 Mar 2012|11:28pm]
  • jennah
  • 23 years old
  • mom to a 4 year old superbeast, roman
  • fresh out of alooongggg assssss relationship with my kid's dad and high school bff, sean
  • in an incredible new relationship with the sickest high school teacher ever, morgan
  • about to start on a BFA in interior design
  • stay at home mom since my kid was born
  • just south of tampa flawduhh
  • prican/dominican/black
  • punk rock and hip hop flows through my veins
  • nerd extroardinare
  • ocd as fuck

  • VISUAL!Collapse )
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    Add me! [24 Feb 2012|12:38am]

    Hello my name is Amy and I am 28 yrs old from Minnesota. I would love to make some new friends..I really dont have anything interesting to say about myself so you would have to add me to know me :P
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    [20 Feb 2012|01:06am]


    • jennah

    • 23 years old

    • mom to a 4 year old superbeast, roman

    • fresh out of alooongggg assssss relationship with my kid's dad and high school bff, sean

    • in an incredible new relationship with the sickest high school teacher ever, morgan

    • about to start on a BFA in interior design

    • stay at home mom since my kid was born

    • just south of tampa flawduhh

    • prican/dominican/black

    • punk rock and hip hop flows through my veins

    • nerd extroardinare

    • ocd as fuck

    visualeCollapse )

    before you add me, seriously read my friends only post and then comment/add. if you do not comment, i will NOT add you!!!

    Add Me)) [27 Dec 2011|08:07am]

    Hi all
    I am from Kiev, Ukraine.
    Who want to add as your friend. I'm keeping a diary in Russian. I know English, and German.
    I write about everything that interested. Most writing about football, biathlon and other sports. Just about Ukraine, and travel.

    Add Me ohrimka89
    And this is my group piar_jj
    Free counters!
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    [08 Dec 2011|12:30pm]

    name: jennah.
    age: 22 (23 this month!!!)
    loc: western central florida
    martial status: recently "divorced", newly in lurrrveee
    kids: 1, boy, roman 4 yrs old and totally badass.
    occ: sahm for the last 4 years and (hopefully) starting school in jan.
    orig: new yawk new yawk

    • i think with logic/reason, not emotion.

    • i lack emotional tact (but i try).

    • former heartbreaker

    • book nerd

    • math geek

    • i think twilight is the worst movie ever made.. i'm sure each following was eve worse (even the main actor that you obsess over thinks it's stupid, get with the program.. sorry twi-tards)

    • recently went through a NASTY split from my high school bff of 8 years

    • i have a major reproductive issue that nearly runs my life

    • i have the most adorable new boyfriend with a kid of his own that lives 1000 miles away in ohio


    I cried in the back seat of the Impala [02 Dec 2011|06:26am]


    My name is Meghan. I’m looking to make some new friends on here because I seem to have some difficulty with that in real life because I am a pretty shy person. I’m a 24 year old girl from central Pennsylvania who both loves and hates where she is from. I don’t have a job right now because I am still trying to figure out what to do with my life. I am terrified of driving, and thus I do not have a driver’s license. I have four cats and I love them to death. I love anything that has to do with the paranormal. I am strange, weird, and unique and I am not afraid to admit it. I am also bipolar, and I struggle with things, but I take one step at a time. I am very easy to get alone with…usually. I am also a very open person. I am usually willing to talk about anything with anybody. If I sound at all interesting to you, here are some of the things about myself:


    Chatting || Exploring things || Listening to music || Making new friends ||Playing with my cats || Ranting || Reading || Taking Pictures || Waiting for aliens to abduct me || Walking || Watching movies || Watching TV


    Abandoned buildings || Aliens || Ancient history || Ancient Rome || Anything paranormal || Archaeology || Cats || Ghosts || Llamas || Old cemeteries || Old stuff in general || Photography || Tumblr || UFOs || Yard Sales


    30 Seconds to Mars || Adam Lambert || Amanda Palmer || Avril Lavigne || Ayumi Hamasaki || Boyce Avenue || Bread || Coldplay || Darren Criss || Darren Hayes || Delerium || Emilie Autumn || Enigma || Enya || Evanescence || Falling Up || Herbert Grönemeyer || Josh Groban || Katy Perry || Ke$sha || Lady Gaga || Loreena McKennitt || Marion Raven || Martina Sorbara || Ministry of Magic || Mythos || Natasha Bedingfield || Plumb || Rihanna || Paul Schwartz || Poe || Sarah Brightman || Savage Garden || Shakira || Sia || Sleepthief || The Beatles || The Veronicas || Tokio Hotel || Vienna Teng || Within Temptation


    9 || Amelie || Atonement || A Very Long Engagement || Donnie Darko || Downfall || Dr. Strangelove (How I learned to love the bomb) || Girl, Interrupted || Ghost World || Goodbye Lenin! || I Love You Phillip Morris || Juno || Kick-Ass || Land of the Lost || Life As We Know It || Lord of the Rings trilogy || Men Who Stare At Goats || Mozart and the Whale || Never Let Me Go || Paranormal Activity || Paranormal Activity 2 || PS: I Love You || Schindler's List || Star Trek 2009 || Superbad || The Edukators || The Lovely Bones || The Notebook || The Social Network || Tristan and Isolde || Wall-e || X-Men: First Class


    American Horror Story || Arrested Development || Community || Criminal Minds || CSI || Doctor Who || Glee || Invader Zim || Paranormal State || Rome || Star Trek || Supernatural || The Big Bang Theory || Torchwood


    Harry Potter Series || Lord of the Rings Trilogy || The Bell Jar || The Da Vinci Code || The Hunger Games Trilogy || The Redwall Series || The Simarillion

    If I sound at all interesting to you, here are some other ways to reach me:

    AIM: Odd Earth Girl
    Yahoo: inwe_sindanarie
    MSN: meghan723@gmail.com

    I write in my journal every single everyday and I’m not afraid to leave comments either. I try to make my posts as interesting as possible and I also write about some very personal things. Add me as a friend and you won’t be disappointed. Hope to hear from some a lot of you guys in the future.
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    [20 Nov 2011|12:04pm]

    sooo my name is jennah, i'm 22 (23 next month!), mother of one - 4 yr old boy, and i live in floriduh. i just got out of a horrible 4 yr relationship and after a few months of some hardcore self discovery and awakening, i'm in a new relationship that is pretty incredible, with a guy who has a kid as well.. starting college in january and i'm rushing to meet deadlines to get it done, while trying to juggle being a single mom and easing back into a relationship while still trying to escape my ex.

    i don't do the lj fighting or arguing, but if you can't handle someone commenting something sensible, you shouldn't add me. i can't handle stupid people or people who whine about trivial shit, irresponsibility, substance abuse, bad parents (if you have to ask what constitutes being a bad parent, you probably are one), etc. i just really want to get that out of the way so i don't waste my time (or yours). i don't make enemies or start garbage, i try to avoid it because i'm too old for that sh!t and you should be too. i gotta add: nobody under 21 please!

    as for me, i'm usually a manic mess, clean freak, book nerd, music lover, knowledge-obsessed, math geek with aspirations a little too high for some and a mind that dosen't quit. i might sound like an asshole, but i just don't want to deal with bs. but i promise i'm a nice girl ;)


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